Which facial scrub should I use depending on my skin type?

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Depending on the type of skin we have: oily, sensitive, combination, dry… our skin will require one type of treatment or another, according to its characteristics and needs. In our facial care routine, in addition to our facial moisturiser, a good exfoliator that helps to remove dead cells and impurities is a must. We explain everything you need to know about facial scrubs so that you can choose the one that best suits your face. Take note!

Approximately every 28 days, the outermost layer of the skin is renewed, this process leaves behind dead skin cells that have not been removed and this can cause the skin to lose its radiance and look dull and dull.

Exfoliating the skin with the right treatment can help to visibly improve the skin’s complexion and will also remove dead skin cells.

First of all, you should know that there are three different types of exfoliators. At SyS Laboratory we explain what their functions are and what type of skin they are recommended for.

1. Enzymatic scrubs

This type of exfoliators are perfect for sensitive skin as they are able to detect cells that are damaged and are about to shed their plant enzymes. Enzymatic exfoliators achieve a gentle and progressive cleansing and are also suitable for sensitive skin. These treatments give you luminous, moisturised and soft skin. This treatment is highly recommended by experts as it brings many benefits to the skin.

2. Mechanical exfoliators

Mechanical exfoliators or scrubs are those that exfoliate the skin in a more gentle and superficial way. They cleanse the face using granules such as salt, sand, sugar or ground bone. They usually have a gel or cream texture and work great as an alternative to a chemical or enzymatic exfoliator and should be applied gently to the skin, taking care not to press too hard when massaging the face. These types of exfoliators are perfect for dry, acne-prone skin characterised by several layers of dead skin on the surface and also for mature skin. 

3. Chemical scrubs

These are treatments that help to exfoliate the skin by means of acids that help to eliminate the lipids that hold the skin cells together. Chemical peels are more aggressive than mechanical or enzymatic peels, so not all skins are suitable for their application.

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The SyS Facial Peeling Aloe Vera heals, tones and penetrates deep into the skin. It helps cell regeneration and moisturises with great intensity, thanks to the extracts of Arnica, Ivy, Mallow, Cucumber, Parietaria, Willow and Linden. It is mainly formulated with pure Aloe Vera extract, Allantoin and Urea and contains no allergens.

What are the benefits of facial exfoliation?

Cleaning of pores and impurities

Our skin generates impurities and sebum that cause skin problems such as acne, blackheads or clogged pores. These products help to remove impurities. Facial Scrub SYS Calendula & Chamomile improves skin texture and elasticity. It removes excess oil and dead skin cells.

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Dead cells are removed

The constant renewal of our skin produces dead cells that remain deposited on the surface. Thanks to exfoliators we remove them and thus prevent them from clogging the pores and achieve a renewed and luminous skin.

Activates blood circulation and cell renewal

When applied by massaging, exfoliation helps to activate blood circulation, which makes our face look healthier and younger. On the other hand, by removing the dead upper layers of the skin, it encourages this cell renewal process.

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Facial Scrub SYS Aloe Vera & Bamboo is designed to leave skin soft and smooth. In addition, thanks to the exfoliating particles, it cleanses dead cells and impurities from the skin. Its Aloe Vera content provides great hydration to the skin.

By removing excess layers of the dermis, the skin regains its natural tone and achieves a rested and illuminated appearance. It also helps to remove blemishes caused by the sun or hormonal changes and helps other treatments to penetrate the skin better.

Tones and moisturises the skin

Many exfoliants often contain moisturising ingredients such as essential oils that help to hydrate the skin and keep it toned.

Labnatur Bio Facial Scrub moisturises, nourishes, cleanses, softens and tones the skin. It combines the properties of its active ingredients: Volcanic Sand, Coconut Fibre, Cucumber and Aloe Vera. Its packaging is 100% recyclable aluminium.

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Helps other treatments to be more effective

By exfoliating, we help the active ingredients in facial creams and other treatments to penetrate better and work better.

Now that you know which type of exfoliator is best suited to your skin, add it to your beauty routine for better results – you’ll notice how your skin looks flawless!

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