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Himalayan Pink Salt to cook, decorate and purify the home

Himalayan Salt is more than 250 million years old. Energetically it is the richest and purest salt on the planet; also known for its life-viating effect.

For seasoning and cooking it stands out for its composition rich in minerals and trace elements, as they are fast absorbed by the body. In chemical analysis it has been proven to have natural elements that we find in the human body, the same as the “primitive sea”.

Salt lamps to absorb electromagnetic waves

Salt Lamps are made up of a large piece of Himalayan Pink Salt drilled to insert a light bulb into it and emit mineral light that absorbs excess electromagnetic waves emitted by radios, televisions and computers, as they are natural ionizers.

These lamps emit negative ions that neutralize positive air ions, perfect for use in rooms, lounges and offices.

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