At Laboratorio SYS, our commitment to excellence and environmental sustainability guides every step in the creation of our high quality cosmetic and air freshener products; We pride ourselves on our dedication to caring for ecosystems and respecting nature, which is reflected in the various certifications we have obtained:

Certified IFS Global Markets HPC

IFS Global Markets HPC certificate awarded to Laboratorio SYS

Laboratorio SYS S.L. has been awarded the IFS Global Markets HPC certificate, an international recognition that certifies the quality and safety of our cosmetics, hygiene and personal care products, complying with the highest standards of processes and quality management.

This recognition reaffirms our tireless dedication to consumer satisfaction and trust.

Certification BIO.INSPECTA

Our Labnatur Bio line, aligned with the principles of the Vida Sana Association, emphasises responsible consumption in cosmetics and personal hygiene. This line, which advocates respect for the environment and human health, is certified by BIO.INSPECTA, guaranteeing:

  1. They contain a high percentage of ingredients of natural origin and from organic farming.
  2. They do not contain parabens, silicones, PEG ‘S or petroleum derivatives. No transgenic ingredients or nanoparticles.
  3. Products not tested on animals.
  4. They have not been irradiated.
  5. They have been produced without polluting or damaging the environment. We use renewable energies.
  6. Dermatologically tested.
  7. Formulated with natural fragrances.
  8. Vegan cosmetics.
  9. The ingredients of the certified products, as well as our production system, have been rigorously checked and submitted to the approval of the certification body.
  10. Registered on the European Natural Cosmetics Portal.

Feníe Energía 100% Green Energy Certificate

Our commitment to sustainability extends to our energy practices; We exclusively use energy from renewable sources such as wind, solar, hydro, biomass, geothermal and offshore wind, validated by the Guarantees of Origin of the CNMC.

These good practices are endorsed by our Feníe Energía S.A. certificate and our Ecoembes certificate.

FSC and PEFC Forest Products Certifications

Our environmental responsibility includes the use of sustainable forestry materials, guaranteed by FSC and PEFC certification. These seals ensure that the forest products used come from responsibly managed forests, contributing to the conservation of natural resources and clearly differentiating them from unsustainable and illegal practices.

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