Mikado Air Fresheners

Mikado Air Fresheners: Fragrances to bring life to your home

Mikado air fresheners are the easiest and most effective way to freshen up any room in your home. Thanks to their simple and elegant design, mikado air fresheners with sticks evoke a sense of calm and well-being that helps to soothe the senses. And with a variety of floral, fruity and spicy aromas, you can choose the fragrance you like best for your home.

How mikado air fresheners work

Mikado air fresheners are designed to scent any space in a natural and simple way. This type of air freshener uses absorption sticks, made of wood, which allow the gradual and continuous diffusion of the scent that is in a glass container. The sticks absorb the scent and distribute it into the air of the environment in which they are located. In this way, the aroma will spread gradually and evenly throughout the rooms. It is a system that does not require electrical energy, which makes it an ecological and economical alternative.

Mikado Air Fresheners: Products and options

Mikado air fresheners are an excellent option to freshen up your home with enchanting fragrances. In this section, we present the different categories and the wide variety of options that you will find in our online air freshener shop.

Categories and variety of Mikado Air Fresheners

  • Mikado air fresheners: Discover a wide range of aromas such as cinnamon, red fruits, lavender, mango, vanilla, floral, fruity, citrus and more. Each one offers a unique aromatic experience to suit your personal preferences.
  • Odour neutralisers: If you need to eliminate unpleasant odours without adding additional fragrance, mikado odour neutralisers are ideal. We have specific options for bathrooms and kitchens, ensuring a fresh and clean environment.
  • Aroma diffusers: Aroma diffusers are perfect for you. Discover a selection of diffusers that subtly distribute the fragrance throughout the room, creating a relaxing experience.

Using Mikado Air Fresheners in different rooms in your home

Mikado air fresheners are versatile and suitable for all rooms in your home. Some suggestions for use include:

  • Living room: Create a cosy and welcoming atmosphere for your guests.
  • Bedroom: Enjoy a peaceful and relaxing rest with soothing fragrances.
  • Kitchen: Neutralise kitchen odours and add a touch of freshness.
  • Bathrooms: Eliminate unpleasant odours and give a feeling of cleanliness and well-being.

You can also use Mikado air fresheners in hallways, cupboards, drawers and even in the garden to create a pleasant atmosphere in every corner of your home.

Types of mikado fragrances

Mikado air fresheners have gained popularity in homes due to the wide variety of aromas they offer. Here are the three most popular types of aromas:

Floral aromas

Floral fragrances are most commonly used in homes and offices because of their ability to provide a sense of calm and freshness. Orange blossom, jasmine, roses and lavender are the most popular fragrances and are often used to create a relaxing atmosphere in bedrooms, living rooms or waiting rooms. These fragrances spread gently into the environment to create a sense of well-being.

Fruity aromas

Fruity fragrances are ideal for those looking for a pleasantly fresh and energising fragrance. Orange, lemon, apple and mango fragrances are the most popular and are often used to create a fresh and energetic atmosphere in kitchens, dining rooms and offices. These fragrances spread in a subtle but energising way in the environment, offering a fresh and lively touch that helps to increase the feeling of well-being.

Spicy aromas

Spicy fragrances are ideal for those looking for a stronger, more intense aroma. Cinnamon, vanilla and amber are the most popular fragrances and are often used to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in living rooms, libraries or studies. These fragrances create an enveloping and cosy feeling in the environment, which helps to reduce stress and anxiety.

  • Floral fragrances are the most popular for creating a relaxing atmosphere in bedrooms, living rooms and doctors’ offices.
  • Fruity fragrances are most commonly used to create a fresh and energetic atmosphere in kitchens, dining rooms and offices.
  • Spicy fragrances are ideal for creating a warm and cosy atmosphere in living rooms, libraries or studies.

How to choose the right mikado air freshener

  • Decoration and style: The aroma of the mikado air freshener should match the decor and style of the place where it is to be used. For example, a floral scent can complement a more traditional decoration.
  • Personal taste: It is important to choose a fragrance that suits the individual’s personal taste. Different options can be tried before deciding on a specific scent.
  • Room: Depending on the room in which the mikado air freshener is to be used, a different fragrance can be chosen for each room. For example, a citrus scent may be more suitable for the kitchen, while a relaxing scent may be ideal for the bedroom.

How to choose the right size and format

  • Room size: It is necessary to choose the right size of mikado air freshener in relation to the room where it will be used to ensure proper diffusion. For a larger room, a larger format is recommended, while for a smaller room, a smaller size is recommended.
  • Format: In addition to the size, it is important to choose the right format of the mikado air freshener. You can choose fibre or bamboo sticks, electric diffusers or candles.

Care and maintenance: tips to extend the life of your Mikado Air Fresheners SYS

Mikado air fresheners are an excellent option for keeping your home smelling pleasant. However, it is important to keep in mind that mikados require proper maintenance to prolong their durability and maximise their effectiveness.

How to prolong the life of your mikados

  • Place the mikado in a place where there are no draughts or direct sunlight, to prevent the aroma from evaporating quickly and to achieve a longer duration.
  • Invert the sticks once or twice a week to promote a better diffusion of the aroma.
  • Regularly check the liquid level to make sure it is not low. If not, add a replacement diffuser liquid to continue to enjoy the aroma.

How to store your mikados

  • Do not store mikados in small, enclosed spaces, as they will evaporate more quickly.
  • If you prefer a different scent in different rooms of your home, it is best to store them where you can easily identify them and have no trouble finding them.
  • Store them in a dry environment at room temperature.

How to recycle your mikados

  • If their useful life is over, don’t throw them away. There are options for recycling them. For example, the sticks can be used for crafts or home decorating.
  • As for the air freshener liquid, there are different options for recycling them. One of them is to use them in the fabric diffuser of your hoover to subtly fragrance the whole house while you are cleaning.