Higiene y baño


You deserve a relaxing and nutritious bath

Bathing is a ritual of beauty, care, hygiene and well-being that everyone does as they want. That is why there are products and aromas for each of us. From the salts you add in the bath, to the moisturizing lotion you apply to your skin after drying; each of the products you choose are important for that relaxing or revitalizing moment of the day. The sys Bath products are made with natural ingredients that respect the natural Ph of your skin, without parabens and suitable for the majority of vegans.

What products to choose to take care of my skin in the bathroom?

Laboratorio sys recommends choosing our products, according to the desired aroma, since the active ingredients and results are the same in the lines of gels, oils, lotions and bath salts. As for natural soaps, it is advisable to choose the right one according to the active ingredient it contains, since it is responsible for the benefits of the product. For example, if we want a relaxing bath we can choose the Lavender line, both in bath and in natural soaps. But if we want a revitalizing , it is better to choose the Mango or Aloe Vera  line, along with natural soaps such as Aloe Vera, cucumber or orange.

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