Ambientadores Mikado

Marble Air Fresheners

New SyS Collection – Try the Mikado Red Fruits Air Freshener

Inspired by the latest avant-garde trends, we have redesigned our classic mikado air freshener, restyling the packing.

This new collection of Mikado SyS Air Fresheners is inspired by marble, a metamorphic rock, which can adopt a multitude of colors, shapes and intensities of natural shine. In this way, we obtain a selection of mikados with different aromatic intensities and colors.

Like the marble itself, this collection has a natural and minimalist design that will fit into the decoration of any home. The Mikado Red Fruit Air Freshener remains in this collection due to its great popularity.

Natural, floral, spicy or citric SyS aromas

SyS is the hallmark that you can find in the more than 25 aromas that SyS Laboratory offers in its classic collection.

From natural aromas such as white jasmine, lotus flower, green tea or red berries, to more original essences such as bamboo-aloe, ginseng-ginkgo or lavender-rosemary. Aromas that stand out for their genuineness and harbor the same current essence: nature.