At Laboratorio SYS we have been creating and manufacturing natural cosmetics, bath products and natural aromas since 1991. In 30 years we have grown to become a benchmark in natural cosmetics and aromas. All this thanks to the high quality of our products, in which we only use natural raw materials and which have passed the most rigorous quality controls throughout the production process. Our mission and vision is based on constant innovation, the creation of revolutionary formulas and always offering the highest quality.

We are located in Torrent (Valencia). Our 5.000m2 facilities are equipped with the latest technologies and work with renewable energy systems. In addition to the factory, our offices, a modern laboratory and an R&D&I department are located there, where we design the most innovative products to meet the latest market needs.


At Laboratorio SYS we are experts in comprehensive skin care. We work with a new philosophy based on constant innovation, the creation of revolutionary formulas and always offering the highest quality at the most competitive price. Our main objective is to make our customers happy, responding to their needs, manufacturing the best products ahead of the latest market trends. And always with the utmost respect for the environment.


Since 1991, at Laboratorio SYS we have been developing a wide range of products dedicated to the aroma of the home and any space, with the most select essences. Fragrances made with natural aromas that create unique and unforgettable atmospheres: fresh, exotic, intense, citrus, floral… atmospheres that make every home, car, office or any other place a unique space with its own personality.

To guarantee the maximum quality of our aromas, we only work with the best raw materials. And we market them in the most varied formats: air freshener sprays, mikados, incense, diffusers, hangers or sachets. Our aim is to respond to the needs of our customers by manufacturing the best products and ahead of the latest market trends.


In our commitment to continuous improvement, we have expanded our facilities in order to achieve objectives with greater results, focused on the satisfaction of our customers. Our tireless dream to keep growing and to offer our customers the best products and a service at the highest level, always through innovation, design, research and development have led us to carry out this new project in February 2021 where in Laboratorio SYS we started the works of the expansion of the new facilities that we finish in mid 2022. The result we have managed to obtain with the expansion are 5000m2 total for our facilities, which has allowed us to:

  • To build a new clean room that allows us to increase our production capacity.
  • A new laboratory with an extension in R+D+i, Quality and an exclusive area in Microbiology.
  • We have also incorporated new machinery to improve and expand our capacity.
  • We have expanded and improved our offices to increase our team of professionals.


We are present in more than 1,500 points of sale throughout Spain. Our international expansion has taken us to Europe, Asia, Africa and South America.

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