SYS Laboratory – Aromas and Natural Cosmetics in Valencia FAQ

In this section you will find the most frequently asked questions that professional customers usually ask us when they have difficulties or doubts about how to buy on the web, how to know the status of the order or even doubts about the quality or characteristics of our products. On this page you’ll learn more about how work and how we can help you solve your issues. Contact us if you have further questions!


Do I have to register to buy?

Yes. To purchase as a professional customer, it is necessary to have previously registered in our system and signed a SEPA document that our Customer Service will provide you, after registration. You will be able to access online order tracking with your email and a password that you will generate the first time you log in to our website.

How to get my username and password?

Once your data is in our system, you will simply have to access our website and make a password reminder for the platform to send you a link in which to create your own. How to do it and from where? You will need to go to the screen shown in the adjoining image, accessing the “customer area” icon in the upper right. You will then need to enter your email address and click “remember password”. You will then receive an email to create your own password.


If I do not receive confirmation…

If you do not receive an email confirming your purchase/order, it is very likely that the payment was not made correctly or that you skipped some step during the purchase process.
How to check it out? Go to your customer area and check your order list. If he doesn’t show up, it means you didn’t finish it.
How to get it back? If you access our website from the same browser from which you placed the order, you can find your products stored in the shopping cart. If you access them from another computer, you won’t be able to recover them and you’ll need to add them to the basket again.

When will my order arrive?

Orders take between 24 and 48 hours to deliver, from the time you leave from our distribution center. When this happens, you receive an informational message in your email about it. If you place your order before 12 hours, we may issue it that same day; so you get the package the next day. If we receive it after 12 hours, it is most common for the order to arrive in 48 hours, as it is issued the next day.

Can I track the status of the order?

Yes. Orders can be tracked from the sales area. In addition, you will receive a purchase confirmation email as soon as you place the order. Also, a message when it leaves our distribution center.
Both states can be followed from the client area.
Finally, it will be the carrier that contacts you to arrange delivery time.

Will you let me know before you give me the order?

Yes. Typically, the shipping company will call you to confirm delivery address and time.
In the event that you do not answer the call, the company will go to deliver the order during business hours. In the event that the delivery cannot be made, the order will be placed in some of the offices of the carrier until you collect it personally. It is also very common for the transport company to make several calls to try to deliver the package to you on time.


Can I change my order before I receive it?

Orders are usually issued between 30-40min after receiving them in our system. Therefore, it is difficult to make changes before receiving them. However, if you contact us before issuing it and during customer service hours (7 – 14.30 hours) we may make the change.
Customer Service hours are from 7 to 14.30 hours, Monday to Friday.
Contact details: – 961 588 570.

Can I change my order after I receive it?

You can make returns within 14 days of receiving your order, and re-purchase new products whenever you wish. However, the shipping costs of the returned package will be borne by you, unless the return occurs due to imperfect, fault or poor delivery conditions.
Fortunately, on this website the free shipping costs apply on all orders over 30 €.

Can I make a return?

Yes. You have a maximum period of 14 days to request the return of a product, several or the entire order.
The refund of the money will be made through the same route in which it was paid (bank card or paypal).
To process the return, you must send a withdrawal form that you will find on this same website to indicate the reason for the return.
Depending on the type of incident, SYS Laboratory will offer you some facilities or others, always thinking about what is most comfortable and beneficial to you.

My order has arrived in bad condition

If your order has arrived in bad condition, it is best to inform us as soon as possible to make the exchange or return of the product within the required period (14 days). In case of incidents due to transport failure, bad packaging, fractures, etc. a photo will be required to prove the claim in order to carry out all formal procedures of the return. In the event that the fault is due to a bad product, you must send the product to our warehouses for the technical and quality department to check. Checks can also be made on the condition of the unhealthy product if you provide us with the batch number of the product that appears on the packaging.


Are SyS products 100% natural?

Some of our products are 100% natural, such as some natural soaps or 100% pure oils. However, not all natural cosmetics are. In some products, we need to use compositions or ingredients developed in our laboratories artificially to create suitable formulas, textures and innovative products. In any case, none of these ingredients are aggressive or harmful to the skin. Approximately 90% of our products do not contain allergens and can be applied to atopic skin.

Is your cosmetics vegan and cruelty free?

All our cosmetics are cruelty free. We have never tested products on animals and do not extract ingredients of animal origin by any way that harms or assaults them. Approximately 95% of our products are vegan, as they are mainly composed of extracts, juices or natural oils that come from plants, flowers and leaves. The most commonly used active ingredients in our cosmetics are: Aloe Vera, RoseHip, Argan Oil, Shea Butter, Calendula, Vitamin E, Sweet Alemendras, Asian Centella, Avocado, Oatmeal, Coconut, Jojoba, Hyaluronic Acid and Grape Pepita Oil.

I have reactive and allergy-treated skin, can I use SyS products?

If your skin often has trouble accepting cosmetic products in general, take special care with any of the ones you use, however natural. We recommend that you read all the ingredients listed in INCI to make sure none of them cause allergies. At SYS Laboratory we try to remove the most common allergens from our formulas. We also have hypoallergenic formulas and products designed for the most sensitive skin, such as the Calendula line. As a tip, apply a small amount of the product to your forearm and if after 24 hours, it didn’t cause an allergic reaction, you can use it in any area of your body almost safely.

Are the products for men, too?

SyS Laboratory products are unisex. We have a special line for men that is developed exclusively for male skin care. All other products can be used by everyone, both children over 5 years old and adults (women and men interchangeably). The most important thing is to know which products work to deaf your skin type, based on your routines and needs.


Are the essences and perfumes 100% natural?

Many of the perfumes and essences used in our laboratory come from vegetable essential oils. However, not all are. Air fresheners and fragrances are designed to envelop and perfume the rooms, so they must contain chemical agents that achieve that diffusion of the aroma. If the air fresheners were 100% natural, they wouldn’t be able to perfume with such intensity.

Do spray air fresheners serve as perfume?

No. Under no circumstances should an air freshener, fragrance or home perfume be applied to the skin, as it can be irritating and harmful. Spray air fresheners are used only to perfume rooms. It should not be applied on textiles, delicate surfaces, or Varnished. Of course, you don’t have to apply it to the skin either. Although perfumes are 100% natural or made with vegetable essential oils, they can cause allergies or irritations by their own natural composition, so it is also not advisable to handle them without taking safety measures (gloves, washing hands after use, etc.).

Do air fresheners have an expiration date?

SYS Laboratory air fresheners, fragrances and perfumes have neither expiration date nor ODO. They are not products that expire although it is true that after the passage of time, changes can be seen in the product, for example in the intensity of the perfume or in the color of the liquid.

Changes in SyS air freshener formulations

SYS Laboratory makes no changes to its formulations. Each aroma (red fruits, jasmine, mango…) have the same composition and values as always. Questions that come to us indicate that some of syS’s classic scents don’t smell like they used to be. This is because the smell gets used to it. When we smell something frequently, we stop perceiving it with the initial intensity. Therefore, when this occurs, it is recommended to change the aroma. After a few months, if you return to the initial aroma, your smell will be smelled as intensely as at first. Typically, when formulation changes occur, they are created for new collections. Thus, we can find differences in the aroma of Red Fruits from the Ahire collection and the Deco Diffuser line, for example.