Lip Balms

Our lip balms are made with natural and organic ingredients that nourish and moisturise your lips, keeping them soft, protected and healthy looking. If you’re looking for lip products that are free from harsh chemicals and with visible results, our natural lip balms are the ideal choice.

Benefits of natural lip balms

Natural lip balms offer a number of benefits for the care and health of your lips. Some of the most outstanding benefits include:

  • Deep hydration: The natural ingredients present in our lip balms help to moisturise and soothe dry, chapped lips, providing deep, long-lasting hydration.
  • Protection from the elements: Natural lip balms create a protective barrier on your lips, preventing moisture loss and protecting them from the damaging effects of sun, wind and cold.
  • Gentle and safe ingredients: Our lip balms are formulated with natural and organic ingredients, avoiding the use of parabens, petrolatum and other harsh chemicals. This makes them suitable for sensitive lips and those looking for a healthier option.
  • Recovery and repair: Natural lip balms contain ingredients with restorative properties, such as shea butter and essential oils, which help heal damaged lips and promote regeneration.

Natural ingredients in our lip balms

At our shop, we are committed to offering natural lip balms with high quality ingredients. Some of the natural ingredients you will find in our products include:

  • Shea butter: A powerful moisturiser that softens and protects lips, providing deep hydration.
  • Essential oils: We use natural essential oils such as coconut oil, almond oil and jojoba oil, which moisturise and soften the lips, as well as providing a pleasant aroma.
  • Beeswax: A natural ingredient that creates a protective layer on the lips, helping to retain moisture and protecting them from the elements.

How to use natural lip balms

To get the best results from our lip balms, follow the steps below:

  1. Apply the natural lip balm several times a day as needed. Simply glide the balm gently over your lips, making sure to cover them completely.
  2. Use it as part of your daily lip care routine and also as an extra moisturising touch when your lips feel dry or chapped.
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