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Organic Solid Shampoos: Natural and Ecological

Benefits of Organic Solid Shampoos

Discover our Labnatur Bio solid shampoos, formulated to offer effective and sustainable cleaning, taking care of your hair and the environment. Find out all the advantages of using solid shampoos, from their environmental impact to their benefits for your hair.

Plastic-Free and Sustainable: Our solid shampoos are free from plastic packaging, helping to reduce waste and promote a more sustainable lifestyle.

Natural and Organic Ingredients: Formulated with natural and organic ingredients, our solid shampoos are safe for all hair types and environmentally friendly.

How to Choose Your Solid Shampoo?

Selecting the right solid shampoo is essential to get the best results. Here’s a guide to help you make the best choice for your hair type.

  • Dry Hair: Our shampoo with moisturising ingredients such as Coconut Oil and Shea Butter is ideal for caring for the driest, most damaged hair. It deeply moisturises, repairing split ends and conditioning the hair.
  • Oily Hair: Our shampoo with natural ingredients such as Lemon Essential Oil and Green Clay is ideal for removing excess oil and impurities. It balances sebum production and revitalises hair.
  • Normal Hair: Our shampoo with ingredients such as Lavender Essential Oil and Cocoa Butter gently cleanses the hair in a balanced way. Provides shine, softness and nourishment.

Frequency of Use and Correct Application

For best results, use the solid shampoo 2-3 times a week. Apply directly to wet hair, massage into lather and rinse thoroughly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of solid shampoos? Organic solid shampoos are effective in cleansing and nourishing hair, are economical, last longer than liquid shampoos and are environmentally friendly.

How do you use solid shampoos? Wet your hair and rub the solid shampoo directly onto the scalp. Massage to create a lather and rinse thoroughly.

Are solid shampoos suitable for all hair types? Yes, our solid shampoos are formulated to be effective on all hair types.

Where can I buy quality solid shampoos? You can find high quality solid shampoos in our online shop.