Bath and Shower Gels

Bath and shower gels are fundamental products in daily hygiene. In our personal care and hygiene store, you can find a wide variety of types of gels, each with different characteristics for different skin types. From gels for sensitive or dry skin, to moisturizing or exfoliating gels, there is a wide range of products to care for and enjoy a good bath.

Bath and shower gels by skin type

  • Bath and shower gels for sensitive skin: require specific products to avoid irritation and redness.
  • Bath and shower gels for dry skin: require products that help moisturize and restore the skin’s natural elasticity.
  • Bath and shower gels for oily skin: require products that help eliminate excess sebum and control oil production. Bath and shower gels formulated for this skin type are usually refreshing, with a formula enriched with ingredients such as green clay, which helps absorb excess oil.
  • Nourishing bath and shower gels: contain ingredients that deeply protect and nourish the skin. These products leave the skin soft and moisturized, preventing dryness and the appearance of flaking.
  • Moisturizing bath and shower gels: these are perfect for combating skin dryness. They are ideal options to maintain the skin’s natural hydration and prevent skin problems.
  • Relaxing bath and shower gels: For a relaxing moment in the shower, relaxing bath and shower gels can be an excellent choice. In the market there are thematic options such as gels with essential oils, or with multiple aromas and refreshing formulas that help to disconnect and regain strength.