Natural Essences

Concentrated essential oils and essences: the key to enjoying the benefits of aromatherapy at home

Concentrated essential oils are natural products used for home fragrance, health and personal wellbeing. With a variety of fragrances available such as natural essence of red berries, eucalyptus and white musk, these oils can be used in humidifiers or aroma diffusers to create a pleasant atmosphere. They are also used for aromatherapy and personal care. What are concentrated essential oils or natural essences?

Concentrated essential oils are highly concentrated liquid substances that are extracted from aromatic plants by distillation or cold-pressing processes.

How to use essential oils

Essential oils or natural essences are a very useful tool for aromatherapy, as, once inhaled, they can have different properties and influence our physical and mental well-being. The following explains different ways of using essential oils:

Aroma diffusers and humidifiers

Aroma diffusers and humidifiers are one of the most common ways of using essential oils. These devices use water and essential oils to diffuse a pleasant aroma through the air, which can have different effects depending on the oil used. In addition, humidifiers are useful for increasing the humidity in the air, which can have a positive effect on breathing and skin.

Benefits of concentrated essential oils

Concentrated essential oils are natural products used to create a pleasant atmosphere in your home. The benefits of essential oils include the following:

Use of essential oils in aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a technique using essential oils or natural essences that can help improve physical and emotional health. Essential oils can be used in aroma diffusers. Some essential oils, such as lavender, eucalyptus, and tea tree are ideal for reducing stress and anxiety, improving mood, and helping with sleep disorders.

Aroma diffusers: creating a pleasant atmosphere

Aroma diffusers are devices used to diffuse the aroma of essential oils into the environment. They can be electric, heat-based, or mist-based. Benefits include improving air quality, helping to relax, relieving headaches, and reducing allergy symptoms.

Essential oils for the home

Essential oils are ideal for leaving a fresh, natural aroma in your home. Orange essential oil and eucalyptus essential oil are ideal for freshening and purifying the air. In addition, essential oils such as cinnamon and vanilla can create a warm and cosy atmosphere in your home.

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