Decorative Reed Diffusers 1991 Collection

Immerse yourself in the essence of the 1991 collection: air fresheners that evoke memories

We introduce you to the 1991 collection of mikado air fresheners and sprays, designed to fill your home with captivating aromas. With a capacity of 100ml in the mikado and 300ml in the spray, these air fresheners are perfect for creating a cosy and unique atmosphere in your home.

The fragrances of the 1991 collection

  1. Wood & Vetiver: Let yourself be enveloped by the warmth and depth of this fragrance. The combination of wood and vetiver will transport you to a peaceful forest, creating a relaxing and serene atmosphere.
  2. Cashmere & Vanilla: Immerse yourself in a soft and comforting experience with this exquisite fragrance. The notes of cashmere and vanilla will envelop you in a sense of comfort and warmth, creating a cosy and relaxing atmosphere.
  3. Rhubarb & Lavender: Enjoy a fresh and revitalising fragrance with the perfect balance of rhubarb and lavender. This combination will transport you to a garden in full bloom, filling your space with energy and vitality.
  4. Bergamot & Mandarin: Embark on a citrusy and invigorating journey with this vibrant fragrance. Notes of bergamot and mandarin will awaken your senses and create a refreshing and revitalising atmosphere.

Benefits of our mikado air fresheners

Our mikado air fresheners, with their elegant design and gradual diffusion, will allow you to enjoy a constant and enveloping aroma. On the other hand, the spray air fresheners, with their 300ml capacity, are ideal for quick and effective application at any time.

The 1991 collection has been created with the intention of evoking memories and creating special atmospheres in your home. Each aroma has been carefully selected to provide you with a unique sensory experience.

Transform your environment and create a distinctive ambience with the 1991 collection of mikado air fresheners and sprays.