Natural Perfumes

Natural perfumes are made with natural ingredients, such as essential oils, natural plant and flower extracts, and organic alcohol. In addition, some natural perfumes may also include ingredients such as resins, balsams, oleoresins, absolutes and tinctures.

Natural cruelty free perfumes: Why is it important to choose animal cruelty free products?

When choosing perfumes, it is important to check if they are cruelty free, that is, if they have been produced without animal testing. We must choose products that are respectful of animals and the environment, and that do not contain ingredients of animal origin.

Healthier for your skin and the environment

Natural perfumes and products are healthier for both your skin and the environment. As they are made without synthetic, chemical and toxic components, they reduce the risk of irritation, allergies and other possible adverse reactions. In addition, being environmentally friendly, they contribute to the preservation of nature and the care of our planet.

Longer shelf life and fragrance quality

Although it may seem that natural perfumes have a shorter duration than synthetic ones, this is not necessarily true. Natural perfumes are made with concentrated essential oils that allow the scent to last for a long time on your skin. In addition, their fragrance quality is superior, as the oils used are purer and more complex.

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