Comprar Recambio Hogar Mikado SyS Frutos Rojos 200ml + Palos, SYS Aromas

Mikado Air Freshener Refills

Mikado Refills: Air fresheners and aromas for your home

Our Mikado Refills are an ideal option to reuse your Mikado Air Freshener in your home with pleasant aromas. With a wide variety of options available, you can find different aromas in a 200ml size to suit your preferences. Discover how these products can transform your atmosphere and enjoy a home with enchanting fragrances. Also explore other air fresheners, natural essences, sprays and related products for a complete aromatherapy experience.

What are Mikado Refills?

Mikado Refills are a perfect option to fill your home with captivating and pleasant fragrances. These refills are designed to be used with Mikado Air Fresheners, an eco-friendly way to reuse your air fresheners to extend their life and create a unique fragrance experience in your home.

Mikado Refill options available

In our Mikado Refills, you will find a wide variety of refill options to suit your fragrance needs and preferences. From fruity and floral aromas to more citrusy options, there is a wide range of fragrances available to choose from.

Variety of fragrances for Mikado Refills

Mikado refills offer a wide variety of aromas so you can find the one you like best. Enjoy fragrances such as cinnamon-orange, red fruits, lavender, mango, vanilla, and many other options that will create a cosy and pleasant atmosphere in your home.

Use of Mikado Refills in diffusers and other products

Mikado refills are not only used to refill our elegant Mikado air fresheners, but can also be used in other air freshening products such as scented sachets drawers and cabinets. Their versatility allows you to enjoy your favourite aromas in different corners of your home.

Aromatherapy and related products

Take the aromatherapy experience to another level with complementary products to the Mikado Refills. Discover the benefits of natural essences and the wide range of natural air freshening and protection options available. Plus, find solutions to give your car a pleasant fragrance and scented sachets to keep small spaces fresh at all times.

Usage tips and precautions

Recommendations for effective use of Mikado Refills

Mikado refills are an excellent option for freshening up your home with delicious aromas, but to make the most of their potential, here are some recommendations:

  • Place the air freshener in a central location in the room to allow the fragrance to be evenly distributed.
  • Make sure the area where you place the air freshener is free from strong draughts, as this may affect its effectiveness.
  • If you want the fragrance to be softer, place fewer rattan sticks in the Mikado diffuser. If you prefer a stronger scent, add more rattan sticks to the Mikado diffuser.
  • Rotate the rattan sticks every so often to reactivate the aroma and keep it fresh in your space.
  • Do not place Mikado Refills on a delicate surface or one that is susceptible to stains or spills, as the essential oils may damage it.

Frequently asked questions about Mikado Refills

We will answer some frequently asked questions related to Mikado Refills and their use:

How long do Mikado Refills last?

The duration of our Mikado Refills depends on several factors, such as the size of the space, the frequency of ventilation and the amount of rattan sticks used. In general, you can expect them to last between 4 to 6 weeks.

Can rattan rods be reused?

It is not recommended to reuse rattan sticks once they have lost their ability to diffuse aroma. It is better to replace them with new sticks to ensure a fresh and effective aroma.

Can I combine different Mikado Refill fragrances?

Yes, you can combine different Mikado Refill fragrances to create custom blends for unique fragrances in your home. Let your creativity run wild and find the perfect combination for you!

Are there any inconveniences in using Mikado Refills in small rooms?

Mikado Refills are suitable for rooms of different sizes, including the smallest rooms. However, you may wish to use fewer rattan sticks to avoid the fragrance being too intense in a small space.

Can I use Mikado Refills outdoors?

While Mikado Refills are primarily designed for indoor use, some fragrances may be suitable for use in outdoor spaces, such as gardens or terraces. However, please note that the duration and intensity of the aroma may be affected by outdoor conditions.