Rosehip: the magnificent properties of the Seed of Youth.

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The rosehip also called ”Seed of youth” is one of the most appreciated plants in the world of cosmetics, and it is one of the most powerful regenerators and anti-aging ingredients that exist. A beauty secret that goes back to antiquity and that nowadays is an essential part of a good beauty routine. From Laboratorio SyS we tell you about its magnificent properties. Take note and discover this true wonder of nature!

What is the origin of rosehip oil?

This plant was already very popular in ancient times for its beneficial dermatological properties. In Patagonia it was already used to moisturise the skin, heal wounds and treat various ailments. It is native to Europe, but is also found in South America.

How is rosehip oil obtained?

Its vegetable oils are extracted from the seeds of the Rosa eglanteria shrub, which belongs to the same family as the rosaceae. Its round, red-coloured fruit contains these seeds, from which the oil is obtained by cold pressing.

Its high nutritional content in essential acids and vitamins, its corrective and cell regeneration properties make Rosehip oil the best ally for the skin.

The properties of rosehip oil that will surprise you.

1.Helps to remove stains.

Rosehip oil contains essential fatty acids that help redistribute skin pigmentation, thus improving skin texture and tone. As a result, we achieve a more even skin tone and reduce blemishes.

2.Reduces wrinkles.

Rosehip not only works on the outer layers, but also helps to revitalise and fortify the deeper cells of the skin layers, so we get more firmness and elasticity. In addition, the vitamin E it contains stimulates collagen production so wrinkles and fine lines are reduced.

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100% Pure Natural Oil SyS Rose Hip is rich in fatty acids, which promotes hydration and improves skin elasticity. Its nourishing and regenerating power helps to visibly reduce age wrinkles.

How to use it?

Apply a small amount to cleansed skin and gently massage in a circular motion until absorbed into the skin. Use daily for best results.

3.Moisturises deeply.

The fatty acids contained in rosehip oil act on the skin, giving it elasticity and moisture, as well as creating a barrier that prevents water loss, making our skin luminous and hydrated. Facial Day Cream SyS Rose Hip with Rosehip Oil, Marine Vegetable Collagen, Hazelnut Oil, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E regenerates and nourishes the skin. It also helps to reduce wrinkles and scars.

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4.Has a regenerative and restorative effect.

On the other hand, rosehip helps to form collagen and maintain the elastic fibres of the dermis in good condition. It therefore has a repairing effect by preventing the skin from losing water and preventing scars from forming. As a result, the skin is much more moisturised and more radiant.

5.It is healing and anti-stretch marks.

Rosehip oil has a great repairing capacity as, being regerative, it binds the broken tissues of the epidermis, thus facilitating the healing of burns, signs of wounds or stretch marks. Try to avoid anti-stretch mark creams as they contain many chemicals and could alter the skin’s protective barrier. Rosehip oil, on the other hand, is a natural ingredient that will help to visibly improve the appearance of stretch marks. If you are pregnant, rosehip oil is perfect for preventing stretch marks during this period, as it regenerates and moisturises the skin and is also 100% natural, so it is not harmful to the baby. What’s more, once you have given birth, you can continue to use it, as it is compatible with breastfeeding and has no contraindications.

6. Antioxidante y antienvejecimiento

This plant helps to combat the free radicals that cause skin ageing thanks to its antioxidant content, fatty acids such as linoleic acid, known as omega 6 and linolenic acid, which corresponds to omega 3, and vitamins A, C and E. In this way, it helps to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and reduces the spots caused by the effect of the sun.

Natural Soap SyS Rose Hip is a great skin regenerator and healer. Indicated for stretch marks, marks, acne and skin blemishes. Its aroma is the result of the mixture of its base ingredients, as well as the essential oils and natural fragrances that give a final touch to an excellent soap. We work with 100% natural products and first cold pressed oils that preserve all the properties extracted from the plants. In addition, it is paraben free and sulphate free.

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7.Improves the scalp

Rosehip is not only beneficial for the skin, you can also use it to improve your hair, as it helps to prevent dullness and brittleness and gives it shine and volume. And if you have problems with dandruff, it is also a good solution to eliminate it.

Apply a small amount of product to hair before washing and massage gently. Leave on for about twenty minutes and then wash it out.

8.Helps reduce cellulite

Thanks to the carotenoids, flavonoids, riboflavin and pectin it contains, it helps to improve circulation and activates the regeneration of dermal cells. Apply it to your legs and buttocks and show off your skin come summer!

9.Perfect eye contour, lips and hands

The vitamin E contained in rosehip oil can help to treat the eye area by making the skin more compact and supple. Apply a small amount to the eye area at least once a day and massage in. Do the same with the lips, apply a small amount on them, and you will notice how dehydration will disappear and you will avoid cracks and dryness. If your hands feel chapped, rosehip oil can also be a great ally to keep them soft and moisturised. Remember to apply a few drops at night and put on some gloves while you sleep. You will wake up with incredibly perfect hands!

Now that you know all its properties and benefits, we encourage you to incorporate rosehip into your beauty routine, as it is a perfect complement for daily use in the care of our skin. You will see how you notice it!

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