Vitamin C: What does this ingredient do for the skin?

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In cosmetics, there is one ingredient that is a leader in anti-ageing skin care: vitamin C. Together with sunscreen, it forms part of the anti-ageing essentials recommended by all dermatologists against skin ageing. And although its benefits can be obtained through food, the use of serums and other topical products are the most direct way of applying it to obtain fast results.

In 2020 it was one of the most searched-for ingredients on Google alongside hyaluronic acid, retinol and niaciamide, and it even got a million searches in the UK alone. Want to know what this potent antioxidant can do for your skin? We’ll tell you.

Vitamin C is a nutrient found in fruits and vegetables and is essential for our body as it not only promotes collagen synthesis, but also acts as an antioxidant and helps the immune system. Currently, due to our lifestyle, the vitamin C we ingest has a low bioavailability, which means that it remains in our body for a limited time, and the body tends to absorb the vitamin C it needs and eliminate the rest. Although it is very important to consume foods that contain Vitamin C, it has been shown that it is more effective for our skin if we apply it directly to it. These are the 7 effects of vitamin C on your skin:

1.It gives your face an extra glow.

2.Produces an antioxidant effect that prevents free radical damage to the DNA of cells.

3.Vitamin C reduces wrinkles and inflammation.

4.Protects against the sun’s rays, thus preventing the signs of ageing.

5.Regulates excess sebum in acne-prone skin, mainly in the forehead and nose areas.

6.Helps to eliminate blemishes thanks to its depigmenting effect, regulating melanin levels.

7.Firms the skin, stimulating the collagen fibres, making the skin more supple and youthful.

How to choose your vitamin C serum?

Pure vitamin C is known as ascorbic acid and for it to be most effective on our skin it must be pure, with a concentration of between 10-15% and a pH of less than three. Its action can also be enhanced by supplementing it with other products, such as vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid…

If your skin is very sensitive, opt for products with low concentrations, 5-10% in both cream and serum, with soothing active ingredients, physiological pH and active ingredients that help it penetrate the dermis better. On the other hand, if you notice that your skin is very dull, opt for a serum with a high concentration of vitamin C (20%) that will help your skin to glow.

Labnatur’s Liquid Vitamin C Facial Serum is ideal for reducing expression lines and wrinkles, thanks to the incredible benefits of this vitamin on the skin. It also acts as a powerful antioxidant, providing greater luminosity, elasticity and density to the skin. On the other hand, thanks to the amount of vitamin it contains, this serum also promotes collagen synthesis and helps combat sun damage, improving skin tone, and is formulated with natural ingredients, free of allergens and suitable for all skin types. Its aluminium packaging is 100% recyclable, eliminating plastic and being more sustainable.

This serum is an excellent source of vitamin C, which neutralises free radicals and protects the skin from pollution. As a result, it smoothes and brightens the face, making it look younger and healthier.

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How to apply it to make it more effective

In the world of cosmetics we can find a wide variety of serums. Depending on the type of need, our characteristics and the type of problem our skin has. There are moisturisers, which are the most demanded by those people for whom creams do not work at all. Anti-ageing serums are also very popular, as they normally contain collagen, hyaluronic acid, antioxidants or retinol and are perfect for skin with wrinkles and expression lines. And finally, the regenerator, the best ally for irritated skin, with scars, eczema or rosacea. There are also illuminating, anti-spot, revitalising products

For the most effective application of Vitamin C, it is advisable to use it in the morning, it can be used every day, even in summer, together with products with a sun protection factor. As its texture is fluid, not much product is needed. Apply it in light touches to a clean, dry face and insist, above all, on marks, scars and blemishes. It can be used by applying it before your usual treatment or by adding a few drops to your facial moisturiser. After this we apply sunscreen if our cream does not contain it. The reason for this is that it creates a protective barrier and prevents the action of solar radiation from oxidising it.

In his book Antiaging. How to keep skin younger, dermatologist Ricardo Ruiz states that “The only recipe that works to keep skin younger is a vitamin C serum or cream in the morning together with photoprotector”.

Now that you know the anti-ageing secret of Vitamin C and how it works when applied to the skin, incorporate it into your skincare routine and get luminous, elastic and even skin. You’ll see the amazing results!

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