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saw palmetto anticaida

Hair loss is a fact, a reality that men and women experience in our own skin, or rather, in our own heads. Factors such as stress, genetics, hormone levels and age accelerate this process. Something as common as hair loss, alopecia or baldness is a fact that has affected mankind since time immemorial.


Wigs, toupees, home remedies, magic potions, fillers, dyes and many other tricks have been invented and put into practice for centuries to “disguise” this problem, which almost always depends on the hormonal level and which, by the way, affects men much more than women.



saw palmetto

To stop hair loss and prevent it, there is a whole range of products, thousands of anti-hair loss treatments ranging from anti-hair loss shampoo, to anti-hair loss treatments based on hormones, strengthening pills, lotions, serums and hair masks, even special brushes and combs, and sophisticated hair massagers.


The continent that suffers the most from this problem is Europe and the most surprising thing is that our country has one of the highest percentages, second only to the Czech Republic.

Baldness is ageing and disfiguring. It seems that with hair, we also lose our sexapil (sex appeal), but finally, at the beginning of the 21st century, the bald men and women of the world are in luck, because science and technology have joined forces and have discovered an incredible, magical, fantastic, fantastic, unusual and so effective ingredient against hair loss that it seems like science fiction, its name: Saw Palmetto, the anti-hair loss miracle that is revolutionising the world.


planta saw palmetto


Saw Palmetto is extracted from a plant of the palm family called Serenoa Repens. It is native to Northern Mexico and the Southeastern United States and is proven to have incredible anti-hair loss properties and has no side effects.

What Saw Palmetto Serenoa Repens does is the following: it has anti 5-alpha reductase properties, i.e. Saw Palmetto Serenoa Repens acts as an inhibitor of this enzyme.

So what happens when the enzyme 5-alpha reductase is not inhibited? Quite simply, this enzyme is responsible for testosterone (male hormone) being converted into dihydrotestosterone dht, an androgen better known as DHT. When this happens, dihydrotestosterone dht

So what happens when the enzyme 5-alpha reductase is not inhibited? Quite simply, this enzyme is responsible for testosterone (male hormone) being converted into dihydrotestosterone dht, an androgen better known as DHT. When this happens, dihydrotestosterone dht attaches to the hair follicles causing them to shrink and fall out.

When this happens, dihydrotesterone dht attaches to the hair follicles causing them to shrink and fall out.

And this is the most important part; hair follicles are the part of the skin that grow hair by concentrating stem cells.

To understand it better, let’s sum it up: Saw Palmetto blocks the enzyme responsible for testosterone turning into DHT, a fatal substance that sticks to the hair follicles and damages them, causing them to fall out.




If there is Saw Palmetto there is no DHT AND if there is no DHT there is no hair loss.

So sophisticated, but at the same time so easy and so miraculous. It seems that Saw Palmetto is the best thing that exists in terms of anti-hair loss treatments, ahead of popular products such as anti-hair loss shampoo, anti-hair loss ampoules, anti-hair loss pills, etc. It is also important to stress that Saw Palmetto has no side effects.


Caida pelo, saw palmetto anticaida

Due to the hormonal level, almost all men over the age of 50 have already suffered hair loss due to DHT, but we insist that DHT also affects women, although to a lesser extent.

The reason why the problem is more pronounced in men is because testosterone (which will later become the terrible dihydrotestosterone dht) is the male sex hormone and, of course, it is they who generate it to a greater extent, which is why so many men go bald.


After having discovered the anti-DHT miracle, all the products based on Saw Palmetto extracts with fatty acids, have become established and are revolutionising the market in a way that has never been achieved before.

As mentioned above, anti-DHTs have incredible health benefits. But the pharmaceutical industry had monopolised them as oral treatments, i.e. anti-DHT tablets and pills that are usually taken once a day.

The cosmetics industry did not want to be left behind, and has now gone in for this anti-hair loss miracle. There are already anti-DHT serums on the market based on Saw Palmetto extracts that are just as effective, if not more so, than oral treatments.



Total Hair Serum Application

The SYS Laboratory serum based on Saw Palmetto extracts is called TOTAL HAIR SERUM. It acts directly against the 5-alpha reductase enzyme and is totally anti-DHT. It is a serum for daily use that is considered to be one of the best anti-hair loss treatments.

TOTAL HAIR SERUM is a high-tech cosmetic product, which in addition to Saw Palmetto extracts with fatty acids, contains specific products for hair strengthening and growth such as Ginko Biloba, Biotin and HA.


GINKO BILOBA, for example, in addition to combating testosterone disorders, also stimulates blood microcirculation throughout the scalp, boosting the supply of nutrients to the hair, helping to stop hair loss and, as if all this were not enough, it also stimulates it to grow.


BIOTIN (Vitamin H, B7 or B8) is the vitamin that is best for hair and has nothing but health benefits for hair: just like Saw Palmetto and Ginko Biloba, Biotin stops hair loss, helps it grow, keeps it healthy and strong, and gives it volume and vitality.

It also gives hair elasticity, radically reduces breakage, improves and strengthens both hair follicles and hair roots and increases oxygenation levels.

Like Ginko Biloba, it stimulates the microcirculation of the scalp, allowing more nutrients to reach the roots to make them stronger. In addition, Biotin balances the pH of the hair, prevents greasiness and is anti-dandruff.

HA provides beauty benefits. This active ingredient is a great moisturiser for the hair and prevents frizziness. It protects the hair, nourishes and repairs split ends, adds volume, shine and softness.



TOTAL HAIR SERUM is a high-tech cosmetic product, which has total anti-hair loss efficacy (hence its name…Total Hair). In addition to the best anti-hair loss product on the market today, this serum is also a hair regenerator that repairs and intensifies the hair, nourishes and moisturises it, provides benefits for the health of the hair, for its roots and hair follicles and for the scalp.

With anti-dandruff action, it protects against premature deterioration of the hair, rejuvenates it and restores shine, elasticity and strength.

Labnatur’s TOTAL HAIR SERUM is therefore a product designed to reinforce and activate hair growth, to strengthen the hair fibre and, above all, to prevent hair loss.


Saw Palmetto really works, both to stop hair loss and to prevent hair loss. Of all the anti-hair loss treatments on the market today, those based on Saw Palmetto extracts are considered to be the best and, as they say, “the latest trend”.

Saw Palmetto is considered a real miracle that is revolutionising the market, for men and women alike.

It is a reality that is now within everyone’s reach and has come to be the perfect solution to the eternal problem of hair loss, and above all, it has come to make millions of people smile again when they look in the mirror.


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